Becoming a teacher will change your life, and it all starts with getting your standard teaching certificate. Explore the teaching certificate requirements you must meet to start making a profound impact on the generation of tomorrow.

What’s needed for a professional teaching position?

Before you start your teacher certification program application, you need to consider whether you’re ready to embark on this journey…

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10 things you need to complete for your Texas Teacher Certification Program

From exams to experience, skills to qualifications, Texas teacher certification requirements cover a range of factors. 

In order to participate in an online alternative teacher certification, you’ll need to demonstrate your teaching credentials by completing the following…

1) A bachelor’s degree

To earn your teacher certification, you must first complete a bachelor’s degree. Most colleges and universities have a teacher certification program as part of a bachelor’s degree, but if you did not select this route as a college student, alternative certification is for you!

You can apply to Teachworthy in your final semester before graduation. 

2)  Obtain a 2.5 GPA minimum on your transcript/coursework

While studying your bachelor’s degree, you need to obtain a 2.5 grade point average (GPA) on your conferred transcript or in your last 60 semester hours. 

3)  Pay the fees

Applying to Teachworthy is free of charge. Once admitted, the training enrollment costs $195. This includes your access to all training modules, test preparation and career resources. Find out more about the cost of the teacher certification here.

The $3,960 program fee is paid in monthly installments over the course of your first year in the classroom.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) fees are $477. This means that the total investment to get your teaching license is between $4,662 and $4,732.

4) Demonstrate your Subject Matter Knowledge

One of the most crucial requirements of becoming a certified teacher is passing the TExES Content Exams.

You must complete at least one of these Subject Matter Knowledge tests to demonstrate your eligibility to teach. At Teachworthy, we guide you through the subject and grade-level selection process, providing:

  • Guidance in 50+ subject areas
  • Continuous support
  • Test preparation resources and study guides

5)  Training modules

After passing the Content Exam, you’ll move through the ten training modules, which can be completed online over 45-90 days. 

6) 30 hours of Field Based Experience

Aspiring teachers are required to complete 30 hours of Field Based Experiences as part of the certification process. This step involves you observing a real classroom on campus. 15 of these hours can be completed by video.

Learn more by reading our Field Supervision blog.

7) Pass your PPR exams

The state requires that all Texas teachers complete a Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) exam, which consists of approximately 90 questions about their professional responsibilities as an educator. 

Once you’ve passed the PPR exam you are one step closer to earning your standard certificate.

8)  Internship/Clinical Teaching

The final step in becoming a certified teacher is successfully completing a one-year supervised year of teaching, called an internship. This is a teaching position in which the candidate is paid as a first-year teacher with pay and benefits.

Teachworthy assigns each intern candidate a field supervisor who observes, mentors, and provides feedback to help new teachers meet the expectations of the classroom. This is a key element in the development of the intern candidate’s development into a proficient teacher. 

An intern candidate will have a minimum of 5 observations during the academic year, with a pre-conference, observation and post-conference to discuss what was observed. 

After a candidate successfully completes a one-year internship assignment, they could be recommended for a standard certificate.

Clinical Teaching

Thousands of educators complete the clinical teaching route, shadowing a certified teacher over the course of 14 weeks as they gradually assume day-to-day classroom responsibilities.

Discover everything you need to know about this fast-track, full-time assignment in our clinical teaching guide.

9) Do you have a passion for teaching?

Passion goes a very long way in education. There are, of course, many technical and knowledge-based requirements to earning your teaching certificate, but the most important qualities are those that come from within.

Teaching is a rewarding profession that involves tons of personal development. The journey from aspiring educator to fully qualified teacher becomes much easier and more enjoyable with the right qualities and traits.

If you dream of working in a classroom, inspiring and educating future generations, then you’re already halfway there. To complete the full journey and earn your certification, you need:

  • Patience
  • Determination
  • Enthusiasm
  • Organization
  • A willingness to learn

Wondering what else is needed? Read our guide to discover if you have what it takes to become a teacher

10) Complete an application today to start this exciting journey

The final step is to apply for your alternative teacher certification program. The application process for Teachworthy is very straightforward and takes less than 10 minutes. The simple form is all about confirming your eligibility for the program.