Teachworthy is an approved Educator Preparation Program committed to working with you, growing great teachers and providing high-quality customer service.

Flippen Group brings 25 years of Capturing Kids’ Hearts training expertise together with ACT San Antonio’s 25 years of teacher certification experience together in a ROBUST teacher development program.

Candidates can expect to receive the following resources from us, including:

  • Personal Program Advisor to guide candidates through the certification process and assist in staying on track with certification requirements.
  • Access to interactive online training modules that include responsive feedback from a certified teacher who monitors each candidates progress.
  • 5 observation sessions with a TTESS trained Teachworthy field supervisor. These sessions will provide candidates with feedback on targeted areas for growth.
  • 4 intern development sessions for first year teacher growth. In these sessions, a small group of teachers will meet with their field supervisor to identify targets and strategies for improvement.
  • Opportunity for a Mentor Teacher and the Intern to attend the nationally recognized Capturing Kids’ Hearts® training at no additional cost and have access to a Capturing Kids’ Hearts specialist for additional assistance in implementing processes in the classroom.
  • Teachworthy will offer an optional engagement for candidates to support other aspects of teacher prep, including interactions and conversations on district specific questions and activities.

Capturing Kids’ Hearts is an immersive, participatory training for educators based on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies, relational leadership, and trauma-informed care to help educators better connect with students and transform classrooms into high-achieving centers of learning.

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Teachworthy’s commitment to providing the highest level of service and support remains unchanged. You can count on our commitment to get back to you within one to two working days. All candidates experience over 30 interactions with Teachworthy staff who will coach, mentor, and support their development ensuring they are on track with their certification process. Teachworthy staff will communicate with campus administration and the HR team, working together to ensure candidate success. We are excited about working with you as our certification partner and believe the Teachworthy program will bring confident teaching candidates to your students and classroom

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