How we compare
with deferred payment pricing*

$4,500 Total Cost
Competitor #1
$4,548 Total Cost
Competitor #2
$4,999 Total Cost
$4,500 Total Cost
Competitor #1
$4,548 Total Cost
Competitor #2
$4,999 Total Cost

* Fees payable to Teachworthy. Pricing does not include testing or TEA certificate fees. Program Price comparison is based on pricing without promotional fees, discounted fees, or monthly plans.

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What sets us apartWhat sets us apart

50+ Certification Areas
PACT Test Prep Resources
Resume Review
Web-Based Learning Modules With Certified Teacher Support
Mock Job Interviews
Assigned Program Advisor Who Is A Former Educator
Job Portal With Over 4000 Open Positions
Responsive Live Support (Workdays Within 24 Hours)
Live 2-Day Capturing Kids' Hearts Training (CKH)
Part Of 250'000+ CKH Alumni Network
Subscription To IHeartCKH™ - Weekly Teaching Support Resources
Field Supervisor To Candidate Ratio Of 1 To 12 On Average
9+ Interactive Coaching Sessions Including Classroom Visits And Small Group Meetings
Teacher Curriculum Reviewed And Approved By Quality Matters, A Trusted TEA Partner

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Alternative Teacher Certification Pricing FAQs

What investment is required to become certified?

The application is free. Once you have met with a Program Advisor who has verified admission requirements and answered all your program questions, you will be sent a Certification Plan and an invoice for the $195 enrollment fee. With this initial payment, you will be granted access to the Teachworthy portal to begin your certification journey.

With the enrollment fee payment, you will have the opportunity to pay the full, $300 curriculum fee, or set up a payment plan by paying $50/month for six months via credit card.

Your access to the Teachworthy portal will allow you to prepare for your certification exams and work on the training modules simultaneously.

For the testing element, certification exams range from $116 – $132 each, which is paid to Pearson, the TEA test vendor. We connect you to discounted resources to help your preparation and document your readiness to test.

You can also move forward and begin working on your training modules and field-based experiences. As you begin your training modules, we recommend that you purchase a supporting textbook from Amazon (approximately $20) that is a great resource for first year teachers and pairs with the training modules.

Once you are hired as a teacher and meet the requirements to begin your internship, you will set up monthly payments for the internship fee of $4,005, which is paid monthly ($445/month for nine months) over the course of your first-year teaching when you qualify for a TEA intern or probationary certificate.

The Texas Education Agency requires additional fees: your initial certification fee ($78), your finger printing fee ($52.20) and your final teaching certificate ($78). In total, the entire investment to become certified will be between $4,662-$4,778 depending on the number of content certification exams that are needed for your certification area.

When do I pay my enrollment fee of $195?

Once you have met with your Program Advisor, signed your certification plan and have decided to move forward, you will be sent a Formal Admission Letter and receive an invoice for $195.

What do I owe if I don't secure a teaching job?

Nothing is owed to Teachworthy beyond the $195 training and testing fee until you are able to secure a teaching position.

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