Frequently Asked Questions

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You are making what could be a life-changing impact on a child, many who need hope, a mentor, and a hero. Over 30,000 new teachers are hired every year in Texas. Will you be one?

So how do you get certified to teach? What does it take?

What Certification options are possible?

There are 2 paths to certification in Texas with a completed bachelors degree from an accredited university. Clinical Teaching or Internship. These are very different.

  • Clinical Teaching is more commonly referred to as “Student Teaching” and is what most Universities offer Education Majors. It typically takes 14 weeks and is an unpaid apprenticeship-type of effort where you are paired with a teacher in that teacher’s classroom.
  • The Intern Certificate offers you immediate classroom experience as a full-time full-salary teacher. Before you enter the classroom you are required to pass a subject-area proficiency exam, complete 150 hours of training in teaching and classroom management strategies and 30 hours of classroom observation.
What experience is required?

None.  We take all candidates that have a heart for kids and a desire to be in the classroom and prepare them to be extraordinary educators.

Can I start Teachworthy at any time?

Yes! We accept applications throughout the year and teaching positions are waiting to be filled now.

Can I start the program even though I’m still in college?

Absolutely! During your last semester of your bachelor’s degree you can apply to Teachworthy.

Is there a GPA requirement? What if I don’t meet it?

The Texas Education Agency requires all teacher candidates to have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 or a 2.5 in the last 60 hours.  There are some exceptions for candidates that have the content expertise to teach in high need areas.  Transcripts can be tricky to evaluate.  Let our Teachworthy team evaluate your transcripts at no cost to you.

How do I send my official transcripts to Teachworthy?

You will want to contact your university and ask them to send your transcript electronically to

What investment is required to become certified?

The application is free.  Once you apply to Teachworthy, you will need to register with the Texas Education Agency and pay the content exam fee of $116 per exam.  Most candidates will need to take two exams.  We point you to the resources to assist your preparation that range in cost from $0-$30.  After you pass your content exam(s), we provide you access to all the training modules, testing resources and career resources for only $195.  We recommend you also purchase a partnering textbook for $20 on Amazon.  Once you are hired as a teacher, the program fee of $3,960 is paid monthly over the course of your first year teaching. The Texas Education Agency requires certain additional fees that include your initial certification fee ($78) , your finger printing fee ($52.20) and your final teaching certificate ($78).   In total the entire investment to become certified will be between $4,662-$4,778 depending on the number of content exams you take.

When do I pay my enrollment fee of $195?

After you have passed your content test(s), you are eligible to be Formally Admitted to Teachworthy.  For some certification areas, more than one content test is required.  All required content tests must be passed before you pay your enrollment fee and are admitted to Teachworthy.

How long does the program typically take?

It’s up to you. Teachworthy’s training is self-paced. It’s possible to complete the training modules quickly but expect to complete all the requirements in 2-3 months if you are working and only have a few hours a day to invest. Once you pass the subject area test you want to teach, complete the Teachworthy training and complete the Field Observation Experience where you visit and observe a live classroom, you are eligible to start teaching in most instances.

When can I apply for teaching positions?

First, you will want to apply for free to Teachworthy and submit your official transcripts. Second, you will need to pass the content test for the subject area and grade-level you want to teach. Next, you’ll pay the training fee of $195 and complete 150 hours of the training which can be accomplished quickly if you work hard. Finally, you will need to complete 30 hours of Field Based Experience where you go on a campus and observe a classroom. 15 of these hours can be completed by viewing observations at Teachworthy online. We will also help you connect with schools in your area where you can observe great teachers live.  After these steps are complete, you are now ready to apply for teaching positions.

Will I get paid during my first year?

On an Intern Certificate through Teachworthy, absolutely! You will receive full pay and benefits just like all certified teachers.

Can you help me prepare for interviewing?

For sure! We have the resources and the relationships to guide you through the interview process. We will even conduct a mock interview with you to ensure you are ready!

What do I owe if I don't secure a teaching job?

Nothing is owed to Teachworthy beyond the $195 training and testing fee until you are able to secure a teaching position.

When will I receive my teaching certificate?

Once you secure a teaching position, the Teachworthy team will verify employment with the district and walk you through the process of activating your initial teaching certificate to begin your Internship.  Upon successful completion of your Internship or clinical teaching, you could be recommended for your standard Texas teaching certificate.

Can I transfer my certification to other states?

In most cases yes! You will want to contact the state’s department of education where you plan to locate and confirm the reciprocation process. We are happy to assist you with this as well.

Are Intern and Standard Certificates different?

Yes. The intern certificate is for 1 year while you are in the process of becoming a teacher. Once you have completed all of Teachworthy’s requirements including those of the Texas Education Agency you will receive a Standard Certificate that is valid for 5 years. This Standard Certificate renews by completing continuing professional education (CPE) hours typically offered by your hiring district.

What type of background check is required?

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) requires that all teacher candidates complete a national criminal history background check through a fingerprinting process.  If you have concerns about this process, you can request a preliminary criminal history background check through TEA first.

Please visit this link for more info:

Can non-U.S. citizens apply?

Definitely! Most hiring districts will require you to have social security number to apply.  There are special requirements to meet, but we can help you understand these. See the link under Resources for Non-US Candidates.

What if my degree is from outside the US?

You can still apply and we will provide guidance on if the TOEFL test is necessary for you.   Click here for more information on the TOEFL test and requirements.

Is Clinical Teaching an option through Teachworthy?

Yes! This 14-week non-paid assignment is similar to student teaching where you work with a certified teacher. Over the 14 weeks you gradually progress to take on more and more teaching responsibilities. All program elements and requirements are the same. You will receive your Standard Certificate at the end of the 14 weeks if all program requirements are met.  Learn more.