The following are the terms and conditions outlining the Teachworthy Referral Program (TRP).

For referrer to receive the referral fee of $250.00 at the referred candidate’s start of the internship and $250 at after standard recommendation the following terms and conditions must be met:

For the purposes of this program the “referred candidate” is referencing the person referred to Teachworthy while the “referrer” is referenced as the person that is referring a potential candidate.

  1. The TRP started on 11/29/2021 and will end on 06/01/2022. All referred candidates must apply to Teachworthy within the above stated window and be formally admitted, as determined by submission of the candidate to TEA for Formal Admission, to qualify as a valid referred candidate.
  2. The refereed candidate must be a “new” referral and not previously applied to Teachworthy, ACT-Houston, or ACT-San Antonio/Central Texas.
  3. The refereed candidate must be eligible for admission to Teachworthy based on Teachworthy’s admission requirements, which are subject to change based on TEA rules and regulations.
  4. The referred candidate must use the referrer’s link to apply or the same email address that was submitted by the referrer to be considered by Teachworthy as a participant for the TRP program.
  5. The referred candidate must begin a valid internship by 10/01/2022 and complete their internship by 12/31/2023 for the referrer to receive payment.
  6. There is no limit to the number of candidates a referrer can refer to this program.
  7. Initial payment of $250.00 will be issued November 2022 once there is verification that the referred candidate has officially started an internship by the 10/01/2022 deadline. Final payment of $250.00 will be issued August 2023, with verification of issuance of a standard certificate by 08/01/2023.  Should the referring candidate need additional days in the classroom to fulfill the requirements for standard certification before the deadline of 12/31/2023, the final payment to the referrer will be made in January 2024 with verification of issuance of a standard certificate.
  8. If a referred candidate is not recommended for a standard certificate for any reason including, but not limited to, non-recommendation by principal, code of ethics violation, poor performance, failure to apply for a standard certificate in a timely manner, or does not complete internship requirements by 12/31/2023, a final payment of $250.00 will not be issued.
  9. Teachworthy reserves the right to determine what is and what is not a valid referred candidate.
  10. Teachworthy will not be held responsible if a referred candidate does not properly apply to Teachworthy using the provided referral link or same email provided by the referrer. Any dispute related to a referred candidate will be determined by the Teachworthy Leadership Team.
  11. The TRP is a volunteer program and participation is not mandatory to continue to receive correspondence from Teachworthy.