Refer a friend!

Know someone that has a degree and is considering a career in teaching? If so, enter their contact info in the form below so we can reach out to them. If they are qualified and enroll in our certification program, you can earn up to $500.
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Here’s how the Teachworthy Alumni Referral Program Works:
  1. Visit with someone you know that would make a great teacher and tell them about your experience with Teachworthy.
  2. Provide Teachworthy with their contact info using the above form. Or, email to request a unique application link you can share with your referred individual directly.
  3. When your referral starts their internship, we’ll send you $250*.
  4. When your referral earns their standard certificate, we’ll send you another $250*.

That’s a total of $500 for each teacher candidate you refer that completes their certification.
*Internship must start before 10/1/2022 and complete their certificate before 10/1/2023.
*Referral email address must be attributed to you prior to enrollment application submission in order for you to be eligible for payment.