Salaries for teachers in Texas are the second-highest in the nation and teaching career starting salaries in the state can be up to $55,000 depending on the region and subject area. As with any profession, this depends on education, certification and years of experience. Some of the key indicators for higher demand and better pay include: being bilingual and specializing in high need areas like high school science and math.

The current average high school teacher salary in Houston is $61,308 (as of 12/01/18) and Teachworthy’s Job Portal helps candidates search for opportunities that are a good fit.

Hear the story of Zaira Diaz below. The Puerto Rican born teacher went to university in Connecticut before starting an alternative teacher certification program with us at Teachworthy and now lives in Texas with her husband and children!

Zaira Diaz

“I’m from Puerto Rico. I went to university in Connecticut and then back to my home country where all my family lives. After starting my own family and really struggling because of the economic situation at home, I really wanted to teach in the United States. Since I was a little girl, I had always thought about becoming a teacher, but in Puerto Rico it wasn’t possible financially.

I reached out to Teachworthy and they were so encouraging right from the start. They convinced me that I could do the training while I was in Puerto Rico and that they would be able to help me find a teaching position. They have a great reputation with the school districts they serve. I felt I could really trust them.

They did just as they promised. I found a great teaching position and my life has changed in so many ways. My husband and kids all moved with me to Texas and I know that none of this would have been possible without the family I found at Teachworthy.”

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