Have you heard the recent great news for teachers based in Texas? The Senate Finance Committee passed a bill to give all full-time teachers a raise of $5,000 to their annual salary – sure to make teachers in Texas the highest paid in the region!

The bill was passed with a unanimous vote of 15-0 after a public hearing filled with compelling testimonies from a range of teachers and members of the Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA). The measure will now be passed on to the full state Senate for a vote.

This change will provide a great financial boost for teachers and bring more talented individuals to the profession.

This measure will not preclude lawmakers from introducing a merit pay legislation as well.  This would reward Texas’s best and most effective educators with bonuses.

Lawmakers have until the end of May to either pass or drop the bill, but with so much support behind it, and with a unanimous vote from the Senate Finance Committee, it is hard to see why the bill would not be passed.

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