Want to make teaching your profession? Look no further.  All that is required are 5 simple steps to get you kick-started into your chosen career.

1. Earn your Bachelor’s Degree from an Accredited University

In Texas, having a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university is a requirement for becoming a teacher. In what subject you may ask? Generally speaking, an aspiring teacher like yourself can study a major that you have a true passion for which in return will allow you to qualify to earn a bachelor’s degree.  Then you can continue on to becoming a Texas Certified Teacher.

Note: If you happen to have a bachelor’s degree from outside the U.S., as long as it meets the requirement of the certification program and the state of Texas, then you may continue on the journey toward your promising career.

Teachworthy Tip: A college student will find it beneficial to volunteer working with children of all ages to help gain understanding into what grade they would like to teach.

2. Pass your Certification exams

The certification process also requires you to pass content exams known as TExES (Texas Examinations of Educator Standards) to evaluate your knowledge in the subject(s) you wish to teach.

3. Complete an approved teacher training program

A teacher training program can be completed while you are in college or through an Alternative Certification Program.  These programs ensure you meet all the state requirement to be a teacher and provide training and field supervision (classroom observation) while you are initially in the classroom.  Teachworthy has helped thousands of people become impactful teachers through alternative certification. We fast track your path with professional and friendly advice and support, allowing you to complete the program at your own pace and preparing you to be an incredible teacher.

4. Pass the PPR Exam

After passing your content exams and completing your training with your certification program, you will also need to take and pass the PPR exam (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility).  Again, Teachworthy can help with this.  Our support will guide you every step of the way through all the requirements and exams.

5. Receive your Standard Certificate Recommendation

After completing the steps above, your certification program will recommend you for your Standard Teaching Certificate to the State of Texas.

If you are striving to become a Texas Teacher, apply with us today at Teachworthy. We help you through every step of becoming a certified teacher.  We will even help you connect with school districts looking to hire great people.  Get in touch with our friendly and professional team so you can get the best advice and career guidance today.

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