5 of the Best Texas Teacher Content Test Study Guides (TExES)

There are many resources that help prepare you to pass your content exams.  Five with strong outcomes are highlighted below.  But first,

What are TExES exams?

TExES is the state of Texas’ testing program for certifying new teachers before they’re allowed to teach in a classroom. The acronym stands for Texas Examinations of Educator Standards. Currently, there are approximately 50 classroom level tests covering a variety of grade levels and specialization areas. (There are also exams for other positions, such as principal, counselor, librarian, etc.) Except for people who need to take an exam in Braille, there are no paper tests; all TExES exams are taken on a computer. All tests contain multiple-choice questions. In fact, on most exams, all the questions are multiple-choice, but some exams feature one or more questions which require a written or oral response.

The exams are criterion based; that is, Texas teacher certification test scores are based on how well the test taker knows the subject matter, not how well you did compared to other test takers. Each test is divided into categories, called domains. Domains are further broken down into competencies. Competencies consist of two components: a competency statement, and descriptive statements. The competency statement is the broad outline of what knowledge and skills a teacher should have in this area, while the descriptive statements spell out the required knowledge and skills in much greater detail. TExES tests are quite challenging and should not be taken lightly.  Appropriate time should be allocated to properly prepare for your exam.

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240 Tutoring – referring to the minimum score needed to pass the PPR exam (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities)

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Study.com offers a large inventory of practice tests and preparation materials.

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Mometrix Test Preparation offers printed and ebook preparation support.  These materials include insights into test-taking strategies and a bank of practice tests that will help you understand the type of question to expect.

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