When considering to embark on a teaching career, you need to know the options when it comes to certification. A key part of this is the training you get to become a certified teacher, as well as how much a Texas Teacher Certification costs.

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Texas Teacher certification costs

Alternative Certification Programs are for candidates with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree usually in a field other than education. Such programs typically require an enrollment or pre-service training fee from $95-$595 depending on the program. Once this pre-service (or pre-hire) training is complete and the appropriate content exam(s) are passed, a teacher candidate can seek employment in a school district under an “Intern Certificate.”  

An Intern Certificate is a one-year teaching certificate that requires supervision and observations. The Certification Program will charge an additional $3,500-$4,500 “Program Fee” to provide the required observations and state submissions. This fee is typically paid monthly over the course of the internship year while you are paid a first-year teacher salary.

University-based teacher programs

University-based programs are another option for certification. These programs can take three forms. You can receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Education that includes certification.

This option can cost over $100,000 depending on the university. Some universities offer an alternative program for candidates that already have a bachelor’s degree completed.

These still require enrollment in the university and the completion of credit hours. Costs range from $10,000-$20,000 depending on the program requirements. The third option universities can provide is a Master’s Degree in Education that includes certification.

This will require a significant investment as well ranging from $20,000-$60,000. Unfortunately in Texas, teachers with a master’s degree only earn a limited amount more than teachers with a bachelor’s degree.

All the various paths to certification are required by the Texas Education Agency to provide similar course content. Candidates must also pass all the same required exams and complete all the same required paperwork.

While University programs can offer more in-depth training through college-level coursework The cost may be prohibitive for candidates that already have a degree in a non-education-related field.  An alternative teacher certification program may be a more practical option. 

Both types of programs boast the same rates of satisfaction with the education and their first years of teaching. The performance outcomes of students with teachers from both types of programs show similar results as well.

The Alternative Teacher Certification route is typically more efficient and less expensive than the University route.

Alternative Teacher Certification is more affordable & practical if you already have a degree

Overall, non-university alternative certification programs are more affordable and take into consideration that candidates already have a degree and content knowledge.

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Matt Neid – Why I chose Teachworthy

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  3. Capturing Kids’ Hearts is included. This training event normally costs school districts $700 to send you to, but through Teachworthy, it’s part of your enrollment fee. You’ll learn how to engage all children, create a self-managing classroom and get the best from every student incorporated into the teacher certification cost
  4. Personalized support – We are committed to developing tomorrow’s teachers today. To do that, we offer personalized support through our program advisers. This means you always have someone to talk to and get advice every step of the way.