Applying to a Texas Teacher Certification Program requires a simple application (typically completed online), the submission of your college transcripts and sometimes a processing fee. Programs like Teachworthy do not charge an application fee.  

The submission of your college transcripts is required by the Texas Education Agency so the certification program can evaluate the content area you would most likely be successful in obtaining certification as a prospective teacher.

A completed bachelor degree is required for acceptance or you must be in your last 12 hours of completing your bachelor degree.

Teacher alternative certification programs are required to do a careful transcript analysis taking into account the credit hours you have in each subject area and your GPA.  These factors determine if you are eligible for automatic enrollment or if other steps are required.

When applying to a Texas Teacher Certification Program it is important to consider several factors:

1. Does the program offer the support you feel you will need in order to complete all the requirements?  

  • This could include content test preparation, online training or in-person training, the number of supporting observations you will receive while in the classroom and the availability of program staff to help guide you through the entire process. Click here to read about the Teachworthy Process.

2. Does the program philosophy and approach to classroom behavior management lead to proven results? 

  • There are many approaches that are taught when it comes to building a high performing classroom. Are the ones taught by the certification program based on solid research and results? Do they work with all types of students from all types of backgrounds in all types of environments? 
  • Are the practices concrete enough for you to implement them in your own classroom? Programs that put an emphasis on classroom culture recognize that this element leads to a successful first year of teaching more than any other.  Click here to see how Capturing Kids’ Hearts changes lives.

3. Does the program advocate for you to teach in Texas with campus and district leadership? 

  • Strong certification programs work closely with campus leadership to identify any areas of concern and work to address, coach, train you in those so that everyone, including you, feel that your first year of teaching was a great success.  Your certification program and your Field Supervisor should actively check in with leadership to confirm everyone’s expectations are being met and if not, developing a plan to make that happen.  See how Teachworthy’s Career Tools and proactive communication with HR Departments provides you the maximum opportunity for employment.

4. Does the program actively help place you in an internship? 

  • Even though there are thousands of teaching job openings in Texas, you may still need help getting in front of the right opportunity.  Strong programs take the initiative to ensure your resume and profile are seen by a broad audience of hiring schools. At Teachworthy, we send every district in the entire state a dynamic list of approved candidates.  Districts know the quality of preparation provided by Teachworthy and appreciate the support to help them find great candidates. 

5. Does the program investment meet my budget and provide financing? 

  • Programs like Teachworthy work with you to ensure you can enroll for a minimum training fee and provide monthly financing of the program fee only when you have a paid internship.  See Pricing.


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