The Texas PPR Exam is a requirement of the Texas Education Agency that all teacher candidates must complete.

Explore our TExES PPR exam guide to discover everything you need to know…

What is the PPR Exam?

PPR stands for Professional Pedagogy and Responsibilities. Orchestrated by TExES (Texas Examinations of Educator Standards), the exam is a measurement of your theory knowledge and pedagogy expertise.

There are 90 PPR exam questions in each test. These include 10 field test questions. 80 questions will be scored and be distributed across the following 13 competencies:

  1. Development
  2. Diversity
  3. TEKS
  4. How Learning Occurs
  5. Environment of Support
  6. Management Issues
  7. Communication
  8. Engaging Instruction
  9. Technology
  10. Assessment
  11. Involving Family
  12. Practitioner Reflection
  13. Texas Teachers – State and Local Laws

PPR Exam Sample Questions

The PPR exam consists of the following types of questions…

  • Cluster question items (usually involving two or three questions, with PPR exam answers connected to the same scenario)
  • Teacher Decision Sets (a series of questions following a scenario through various stages)

You will be tested on 4 domains when taking the test. These are:

  • Domain 1 – Designing instruction and assessment to promote student learning. Roughly 34 questions tackling student development, diversity, curriculum and state standards, and learning processes.
  • Domain 2: Creating a Positive, Productive Classroom Environment. Roughly 13 questions that cover how to establish a positive classroom environment. You must demonstrate your knowledge and skills in making students feel safe and helping them learn without interference from other students. Use of procedures and safety rules can also feature in this section.
  • Domain 3: Implementing Effective, Responsive Instruction and Assessment. You must know how to communicate effectively with students. This includes providing instruction that actively engages students; incorporating the effective use of technology to plan, organize, deliver, and evaluate instruction; monitoring student performance and achievement, and providing students with timely and quality feedback.
  • Domain 4: Fulfilling professional Roles and Responsibilities. You must know the importance of family involvement and how to interact with parents and guardians. Questions in this section tackle how to enhance professional knowledge and interact with staff and faculty. Adhering to legal and ethical requirements for education and knowing the structure of education in Texas is very important.

What score is needed to pass?

240 points is the minimum passing score for the PPR exam.

How long is the PPR exam?

The test is designed to take less than 2.5 hours; however, you may use the entire 5 hour testing period.

How much does it cost and how do you pay?

It costs $116 each time you take the test.

How many times can you take the PPR exam?

Your certification program will typically grant you one-time test permission. If you are unsuccessful the first time, programs like Teachworthy will ask you to complete additional preparation based on your unsuccessful score attempt to ensure your success the second time you are given testing permission.

When do you take the test?

You must pass the PPR before or during your first year of teaching on an intern certificate. 

Teachworthy recommends you take the PPR right after you complete the Teachworthy training modules.  This is because the material will be fresh in your mind and you will most likely ace your test.

Passing the TExES PPR Exam

TExES tests are the perfect way to demonstrate your teaching expertise. To pass your certification exam,  we strongly recommend using PPR practice exams and PPR exam flashcards.

Melissa Arredondo: “When I first decided I wanted to teach, it was pretty late in the game. It was mid-summer, and I needed to complete all my training, land a teaching position and get ready for the first day with students. I thought, “I’m sure I can pass this PPR exam without any trouble”, even though I hadn’t even started training with Teachworthy. So I signed up, took it, and failed it.

“I was disappointed for sure, but I knew I would get another shot once I finished training. And guess what? I completed the Teachworthy Training, took the PPR again and passed it, no problem.

“I’ve been a certified Texas teacher for the past two years and know that I’ve found my purpose.”

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How to register for the PPR Exam

Simply apply to Teachworthy for free and register for the PPR Exam. We will guide you through the entire process.