The goal of any teacher certification program is to prepare you for teaching. Our process includes testing and training before you teach. We want to make sure you have the best opportunity to make a positive impact on the next generation, starting with your first year of teaching.

Testing and Training

Our Texas teacher certification starts with testing, then pre-service training along with field based experience. Once you’ve completed these, you’ll begin looking for a teaching position. At Teachworthy, we will connect you to hundreds of opportunities, helping you find the right fit.

Applying for and Accepting a Position

When you receive an official job offer, the school district will request a Statement of Eligibility or SOE that attests to the fact that you are approved by your certification program to begin teaching. Once the district receives your SOE and returns it signed to your certification program, you’ll need to complete a background check and be fingerprinted. After you pass these steps, the district will present you a formal contract.

It is important to recognize that you are committing contractually to teach for the entire term of the contract. Being on an Intern Certificate makes it even more important to honor your commitment. If you decide to break your contract, it is unlikely that you will ever be able to obtain a teaching certificate.  So, be sure the campus, the administration and the opportunity is right for you before you sign.

Once you’ve found that great fit and signed your contract with the district, your certification program will ask you to sign a Formal Intern Agreement. This agreement outlines all of your responsibilities and confirms your understanding of the ethics policy. Typically, you will enter into a payment program at this stage as well with the first payment beginning 60 days or after you start teaching.

Your Internship Year

As the first day with students draws near, you’ll be contacted by your Field Supervisor. This person is a former educator who has been trained on how to coach and guide you successfully through your first year of teaching. They have your very best interest at heart, and you can trust them and their feedback. If you are struggling in any way, always let them know. They are available to help and want you to succeed.

Alternative teacher certification programs like Teachworthy ask their Field Supervisors to meet with you individually five times throughout the school year for observation and feedback. You will also join other intern candidates in small groups to establish community and support another six times throughout the year. Your first meeting will be centered on building relationships and sharing ideas and strategies on what’s working in the classroom.

When the students arrive, you’ll be really busy, but you’ll also have a mentor assigned by the campus principal to walk alongside you each day. Your mentor, your principal and your Field Supervisor form the team that’s committed to you and committed to your first year going well.

With Teachworthy, you will have most likely completed Capturing Kids’ Hearts Training before the first day with students. The processes learned from CKH will help you establish a self-managing class where students are able to achieve more than most thought possible.

Over the course of the year, you’ll see your Field Supervisor often, be observed by your campus administrator, be coached by your mentor and continually improve your teaching skills. Programs like Teachworthy help you gather specific feedback after 90 days in the classroom. This helps identify all your strengths and areas where improvement might be needed to ensure that you are offered a continuing contract with your campus if you desire. Teachworthy Program Advisors consult with you, your Field Supervisor, your mentor and your campus principal to ensure everyone agrees on how to best reach the goals the school has for its students and its faculty.

Completing Your Internship

At the end of your teaching year, you will receive one final recommendation from your campus principal. Your certification program will also recommend you for your standard certificate to the state education agency assuming you have completed all the program requirements and paid all required fees.

Once your teaching year ends, you will now officially be a Certified Teacher! This is an incredible accomplish and you’ll be proud of the effort and the impact you made on your students.

Hear John McGee share how Teachworthy works with purpose-driven educators: