Happy New Year!  If you’ve decided that 2020 is the year you’ll make a difference in the lives of others by becoming a teacher, we are here to be your guide.

Getting certified as a Texas Teacher has changed slightly for 2020.

The basic steps are still the same:

  1. Test
  2. Train
  3. Teach

What’s changed is when you must enroll in order to be granted permission to test.

Starting January 27, 2020, all Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) in Texas will be held accountable for the pass rates of their candidates.  We need 90% of all content test takers to pass by the second attempt.

To institute this rule, TEA has said that only EPPs can now grant content test permission.  So here’s what you should expect when you pursue certification through Teachworthy:

1. Apply for Free

  • Submit your unofficial transcripts for your entire bachelor degree
  • Receive a detailed certification plan that describes the steps to certification and the investment required to complete the process

2. Possibly Pact Test

  • You are required by TEA to Pact Test if your GPA is below a 2.5 or you have less than 12 credit hours in the content area you want to teach (15 credits are required for Math or Science).

3. Enroll for $195

  • With a GPA of 2.5 (overall or in your last 60 hours), the credit hours required for your content area and your submission of your official transcript, you can officially enroll.
  • If you were required to Pact Test, submit your passing test scores along with your official transcript to officially enroll.

4. Content Test

  • In order to ensure you are successful when you content test, Teachworthy has established a special relationship with Certify Teacher to prepare you.  Once you demonstrate mastery on the practice exam in your content area, you’ll be granted one-time test permission.
  • Once you successfully pass the content test(s) for your certification area, you’ll be ready to start training.

5. Train

  • You’ll complete 9+ online modules to prepare you for the classroom.
  • You’ll complete 30 hours of Field-Based Observations.  15 of these can be done by video.
  • You’ll attend the award winning 2-day live event Capturing Kid’s Hearts.

6. Teach

  • You’ll complete either a 2 semester Internship with full pay and benefits or a 1 semester Clinical assignment with no pay.  Your program fee of $3,960 is due at this step paid monthly if you are on an Intern Certificate.
  • You’ll prepare for and pass the PPR exam.  You’ll use Certify Teacher again to reach mastery on the practice exam and then be granted one-time test permission.
  • Read: What can I expect my first year of teaching?

After all these steps are complete and all program fees have been paid, you’ll be ready for us to recommend you for your standard certificate.  You’ll now be a fully certified teacher!

Teachworthy provides you a Program Advisor who is with you throughout this entire process.  They are your advocate and encouragement.

You’ve made the commitment to help children succeed.  You’ve pledged to be their hero. Let us guide you on this journey to work worth doing and making the difference you desire.

What makes Teachworthy different?

  • It’s the most affordable path – With no application fee, an enrollment fee of $195 and a program fee of $3,940 (paid monthly of $440), your journey to certification is attainable.  See Pricing.
  • It’s accessible anywhere – As an online program, training is self-paced, available 24/7/365.
  • Capturing Kids’ Hearts is included – This training event normally costs school districts $700 to send you to, but through Teachworthy, it’s part of your enrollment fee.  You’ll learn how to engage all children, create a self-managing classroom and get the best from every student.

To learn more, hear from Flip Flippen.